The Ultimate Guide to Living Your Purpose: 7 Steps To Creating The Life You Crave

 About the Book

3DBookHabakkuk 2:2-4 exhorts us to write the purpose vision and make it plainly seen, clear and easy to understand.

As you move through the process and do the real work of self-discovery you will end up with a set of documented visions or pictures of you walking in your God-ordained purpose.

The Ultimate Guide to Living Your Purpose: 7 Steps to Creating the Life You Crave offers help to do just that – to understand what God-ordained purpose and destiny really are.  It is a methodology for discovering the real “you” and provides a toolkit for true purpose discovery using strategic vision boarding and enlightening exploration.

This book is for the Christian woman who:

  • wants to connect with what she has been designed to do, but, has never been able to identify it.
  • has never truly paid attention to her own career desires, but, is now ready to make a change.
  • has children who are having trouble clarifying college choices and majors.
  • is a frustrated career professional, wanting to reinvent herself.
  • is retirement age but not ready to retire, has a lot to offer but unsure of how to apply her efforts.
  • is sick and tired of feeling stagnant and unchallenged.

About the Author

Shawn R. McLeod has always been passionate about helping women walk in their God-ordained purpose. Her delight is to teach others the principles of harnessing their imagination and vision. Her goal is to help Christian women have a greater impact in the world through building their inner vision of themselves dominating in their mountain of influence. As a motivational speaker and author, Shawn takes the life-changing message of “Living Your Purpose” on the road to share with as many people as possible.

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What people are saying about The Ultimate Guide To Living Your Purpose: 7 Steps To Creating The Life You Crave:

“I’m only half way through the book because the passages are producing “aha” moments that force me to pause reading and analyze my spiritual journey. Ms. McLeod’s book has provoked thoughts and questions I never had before. For example, who knew we had spiritual muscles and spiritual energy? Or that the challenges and tests we encounter are a gift? I could visualize my big spiritual muscles knocking out Satan’s taunts to me about my career and personal life.

Many Christians learn about using God’s word to give them peace, guidance, and help increase their faith. On page 42, Mrs. McLeod showed me another way to use God’s word. I got so excited about her method, that I use it whenever I feel anxious about completing a new task.

Thank you Shawn McLeod for letting God speak to me through your writing. I hope you’ll host workshops in the Tri-state area.”

Jeanne Hyden, Computer Analyst  

“Shawn McLeod’s Living Your Purpose has helped me to clarify my vision and I’m on my way to creating my reality (even at 51). Mrs. McLeod’s straightforward and biblical approach resonates to the core of my being. Her 7 steps are useful, powerful and have awakened a purpose in my life which until recently could have been characterized as “accidental” living. Writing the vision gives it life and keeps it current. Her implementation of the vision boards and the examples are key to connecting what’s in your head with reality and catapulting you toward your God ordained purpose and destiny.”

~T. K. Williams, Gospel Singer 

“This is a phenomenal tool to assist people with understanding and identifying their God-provided purpose!

It’s comprehensive and clearly demonstrates the steps necessary to achieve the goal of ‘divine self-awareness’…

I have started implementing the processes and created vision boards by using the guidance from this book and now I better understand my purpose…thank you!”

Jacqueline V. Mayfield, Author of Step Over Into Wealth and Where Is Your Money

The Ultimate Guide To Living Your Purpose is an invaluable tool to help you fulfill God’s purpose for your life. It’s a quick and straightforward read that flows from bible-based principles to detailed, easy-to-follow exercises. It was exciting to create my vision board and make my quarterly/monthly milestone charts. Seeing my purpose in print, with time lines, made it more real and attainable. It was also life-changing to see how God used positive and negative significant events to shape, grow and push me toward my purpose. Living Your Purpose is an excellent reference book that I will use for many years to come.”

~ Datiya M. Hamlin, Wife and Mother of three

The Ultimate Guide to Living Your Purpose – 7 Steps to Creating the Life You Crave, is helping me organize and clarify my God-given talents and passions for a future filled with purpose.  For someone who has attention and focus deficits, the LYP process supports me with staying true to the path God designed for my life despite my fear of success or failure.  Having a vision board in front of my eyes, for daily review, motivates me to be aware and stay clear of distractions that are designed to take you off course.  As I continue to read God’s word and learn His character and love, I am motivated daily to embrace His desires because they are more important than my own. (LYP, p.29)  Thank you LYP for helping me visualize my mountain and those who are occupying it.  Move over, here I come.”

Andrea Bing Brown, Author of the upcoming book entitled Kaleidoscope – Making the Necessary Adjustments to See Yourself As God Sees You

 “I just have to tell you how much I LOVE your book, The Ultimate Guide To Living Your Purpose. I started reading it this morning and have not been able to put it down. It’s a quick read which allows me to get to the seven steps. I’m about to start my vision boarding. This is the best gift I received in a long time. Thank you! I will keep you informed of my progress.”

Kimberly Nesmith, Owner, Blue Sage Hair Wellness Salon